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The Program

The Music Composition Major

The BM Composition program is designed for self-starters who are looking to pursue professional careers as composers, arrangers, publishers, or music technologists. Our program is flexible yet thorough, and includes study in Music Theory, Music History, Instrumental or Vocal Performance, and Piano in addition to Composition.

In addition, students are required to pick courses and credentials that support their future career goals. Some examples include:

The Curriculum

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Opportunities for all music majors:

I'm interested in composition, but I'm also interested in [something else]. Can I do both?
While it's possible to double-major in Music Composition and another field, the BM in Composition is geared toward students pursuing one degree, and adding to that may take more than the 4-5 years needed for a bachelor's degree. However, NDSU also offers the Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) in Music as well.

The BA requires two years of a foreign language, while the BS requires a minor or a second major. Students can minor in Entrepreneurship through NDSU’s College of Business (which accepts credit from MUSC 385: Music Entrepreneurship), or pick from NDSU's catalog of majors/minors.

But what if I'm not interested in majoring in music composition? Can I still take composition lessons?
We keep the composition program artificially small—around 10% of the population of the Challey School of Music. However, we do allow non-composition music majors to take composition lessons depending on how much room is available in the studio.